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A-Pro has been a leader in home inspection for decades. Our mission is to deliver personalized service and advice, 100% transparency and integrity, and the best value for our clients. Call A-Pro Home Inspection Beaumont and book a home inspection today. Home Inspectors near me are serving all of South East Texas.


A-Pro reports are hard-bound, beautiful, and full of photos! And unlike so many inspectors who pinpoint only negatives, we believe that a balanced approach — covering issues and strengths — leads to better decisions.


A-Pro’s comprehensive 500-point inspection covers everything from the foundation to the rooftop. No third-party inspections and no delays mean a better experience for buyers and sellers alike.

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Rory Harrod, CHI, PHI

A-Pro® Home Inspection Beaumont. Simply put, the best home inspections near me:

Information on Types of Inspections Services

Home Buyer’s Inspection (Pre-Purchase Home Inspection)

Don't Buy a Home Without A-Pro Home Inspection BeaumontA-Pro Home Inspection Beaumont provides Industry-leading 500-point Pre-Purchase Home inspections. A standard Pre-Purchase home inspection is a visual examination of the physical structure and major interior systems of a residential building, much like a physical exam that your doctor may perform on you. However, it should be clearly understood that a home inspection is not to be confused with an appraisal, warranty evaluation, building code inspection, a guarantee of any kind, and/or an insurance policy on the condition of the property. Call today for a home inspector near me.

Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Report, aka Termite Inspection

In Beaumont look to A-Pro for reliable Termite InspectionsMany wood-destroying insects exist, but termites are the most common and cause the most damage. A WDO Inspection is often called a termite inspection, which is when all wood-destroying insects are inspected.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or refinancing your home, there is a high probability that you will need a (WDO) Wood Destroying Insect report. WDO reports provide evidence of possible infestation by wood-destroying insects or damage caused by them that is visible and accessible at the time of inspection. In addition to identifying possible infestations and previous treatment, a WDI report will alert a lender or buyer of potential problems within the home.

Termites are slow eaters, so if a termite infestation is discovered, it is usually not a panic situation. Treatment is effective and can be handled quickly without causing additional problems.

In nearly all states, a State Agency provides oversight of WDO Inspection and Treatment, and in all cases, this inspection is outside the scope of a traditional Home Inspection. Your A-Pro Beaumont Home Inspector can consult you on your options and often provide you with the WDO Inspection.

Home Seller Inspection (Pre-Listing Inspection)

The Best Pre Listing Seller Inspection in Beaumont TexasThe Home Seller Inspection, sometimes called a pre-inspection, is a very intelligent but often underused selling tool for a prospective home seller. Getting the home inspection done before placing a home under contract or even on the market allows the current owner to exhibit transparency in a future transaction, thus potentially speeding up the selling process and eliminating last-minute deal points that could kill the sale. A significant benefit of a Home Seller Inspection is that any repairs needed can be systematically and efficiently taken care of without the pressure of a deadline.

The inspector’s actions in this type of inspection mimic that of a Home Buyers Inspection except that the report is delivered to the seller. Want to shorten the days on the market that your property stays on the market? Call A-Pro Beaumont home inspection, order a Home Seller Inspection, and get us working for you.

New Home Warranty Expiration Inspection

New construction inspection in Beaumont TexasA-Pro offers new home warranty inspections to detect notable defects before your one-year builder’s home warranty expires. A-Pro Home Inspections will meticulously document and report visual defects within your new home that may be covered under your builder’s home warranty to maximize your home warranty coverage. The Home Warranty Inspection report will give you the leverage you need to obtain the repairs necessary before your builder’s warranty expires on your new home.

This could be your last chance to correct installation deficiencies common with new home systems and component failures. We highly recommend scheduling your home warranty inspection with us at the beginning of the 11th month. This will allow you to coordinate and discuss our expert hardbound report with your new home warranty provider. Waiting until the last minute can force new homeowners into a disadvantaged negotiating position with the home warranty provider. Regrettably, some home warranty providers charge high premiums for their warranties but are less enthusiastic about paying claims. Call A-Pro Beaumont for a home inspection near me today before your new home warranty expires, leaving you with safety and performance-related deficiencies that should have been corrected.

Maintenance Home Inspections

Home Maintenance Inspection in BeaumontThe Maintenance Home Inspection is a service offered to existing homeowners to help protect what, to most of us, is our largest investment. This is one of the most comprehensive inspections we do since we have the opportunity to work with the homeowner to gain access to areas that are not available during a visual-only inspection. The goal of the Maintenance Home Inspection is to detect potential system failures or other issues within a home to allow the homeowner to make informed and prioritized repairs while hopefully avoiding major home cost surprises.

We recommend Maintenance Home Inspections at a minimum every three years. We have found that many clients hire us to inspect elderly parent’s homes, rental properties, and vacation homes.

Take control of your home repair budget and improve your ability to communicate with contractors by hiring A-Pro Beaumont Home Inspection to conduct a Maintenance Home Inspection.

FHA Home Inspection

FHA Home Inspection in BeaumontThe FHA (Federal Housing Administration) Home Inspection is our standard industry-leading home inspection, but it is formatted to meet the requirements of our clients utilizing an FHA loan. FHA loans provide an option for homeownership to borrowers who may not qualify with other lenders and often allow lower down payments and interest rates. An FHA-insured mortgage can be used to purchase a new or existing home. The FHA strongly recommends a home inspection as part of the loan process.

As the FHA is a Federal program, the reporting requirements on Home Inspections supersede those of any state-mandated reporting requirements. Ensure your loan process is not slowed down due to the Home Inspection expectations and that your investment is protected by calling A-Pro Beaumont Home Inspection to conduct your FHA Home Inspection.

HUD Inspection

HUD Home Inspection in BeaumontThere are specific forms associated with HUD homes and their inspections. A HUD home is a property acquired by HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) due to a foreclosure action on an FHA-insured mortgage. HUD becomes the property owner, offers it for sale, and sells it at market value as quickly as possible. HUD properties are sold as-is without warranty, and no repairs should be performed on a property until after the new owner has taken possession. It is critical when purchasing a home sold by HUD to get an A-Pro Beaumont Home Inspection as soon as possible for several reasons:

(1) The inspection may uncover a condition that makes the buyer choose to leave the deal and just forfeit the earnest money. A foreclosure is highly likely to have ignored maintenance and the home to be neglected or abused.

(2) The home is vacant, and the time to actual closing is often extended in a HUD transaction; any new damage occurring before closing has a realistic chance of being covered by HUD if well documented.

HUD 203(k) program

203k Inspection BeaumontThe 203(k) program was created in the early ’60s to obtain funds needed to complete repairs and refinance or purchase a home. The program’s complexity prevented it from being used effectively until the mid-’90s, when consultants were first introduced to the field. Many of our A-Pro Home Inspectors are certified consultants and can help you navigate this complex process.

Certified Home Inspection

top rated certified home inspectors in BeaumontThe Certified Home Inspection is a unique offer from A-Pro Beaumont Home Inspection and is designed for the home seller who wants to add some extra spice to their Home Seller Inspection. A-Pro will conduct the standard Home Seller Inspection and add selling features to help you more quickly sell your home at a higher price.

The 120-day “If We Pass It, We Guarantee It” guarantee is transferable to the new buyer. This allows the buyer to potentially save by ordering a new Inspection. Imagine selling your home as already maintaining a Certified Home Inspection! Call A-Pro Beaumont home inspection today.

New Home Construction Phase Inspection Program

The building of a home is critical at every step. Having an ITI® certified building inspector present is also critical at each process step. While most contractors are very good at what they do, it is imperative to have another set of eyes to verify the decisions that they have to make and the execution.

new construction phase completion inspection in beaumontThe A-Pro New Construction Phase Inspections Program consists of three (3) inspections for the home buyer.

For all new construction phase inspections, it is essential to get an idea from the builder of a date when they anticipate the building will be ready for each phase of the inspection. As soon as the date is given, notify us immediately.

PHASE I – Foundation

The foundation inspection is one of the most important and one of the most difficult to schedule. Builders can quickly get ahead of schedule or fall behind the initial schedule due to weather, among other problems. We recommend that the home-buyer constantly check with the builder about progress.

  • Concrete Slab – This inspection phase is done after the exterior foundation walls are finished and the plumbing rough-ins are installed before the concrete slab is poured.
  • Basement – In this inspection phase, we come out after the forms (walls) are poured and before they are backfilled. This inspection must be done BEFORE they backfill.
  • Crawl Space – A Crawl Space is simply a basement you cannot stand in. This inspection phase is done after the foundation is poured before backfilling and framing begin.

PHASE II – PRE-Drywall

This phase involves inspecting the electrical, plumbing, heat, and framing. We usually inspect this one to three days before the contractor hangs the drywall. Note: All other inspections above must be performed before this phase.

PHASE III – FINAL Home Inspection

  • This phase of the inspection is done after the building process is finished. This is when a buyer has a walk-thru inspection with the builder about a week before the home’s closing. We need to come out 1 to 3 days before this walk-thru. At this time, we perform a complete 500-point comprehensive home inspection with pictures of any problems so the client still has time to address any issues with the builder before closing. We can also schedule additional services (i.e., foundation-level survey, radon testing, etc.).
  • This phase involves inspecting the electrical, plumbing, heat, and framing. We usually inspect this one to three days before the contractor hangs the drywall. Note: All other inspections above must be performed before this phase.
Final Walk Thru Home Inspection

Beaumont TX Home InspectionHaving A-Pro Beaumont Home Inspection on your side during the final thorough Inspection is a wise decision. A final walk-through is executed a few hours to five days before closing. It is neither a home inspection nor a time to begin negotiating repairs. The primary purpose of the final walk-thru inspection is to make sure that the property is in the agreed-upon condition you agreed to buy it in. (agreed-upon repairs/improvements, if any, were made satisfactory) Many clients re-hire us to conduct the walk thru after our initial home inspection when there were changes, repairs or improvements negotiated to come to a purchase agreement.

Beaumont Home InspectionAdditional Inspections

There are additional inspections outside of the scope of a standard Home Inspection. Most home inspectors in the State of Texas follow the minimum standards of practice required by Chapter 308-408C WAC. A-Pro provides a 500-point inspection covering over 1,800 systems and/or components. Contact your A-Pro inspector today for further details.

Below are ancillary services that may interest you now or have a homeowner.

Home Repair Verification Inspection

Construction Repair Verification inspection beaumontMany clients hire A-Pro to Inspect and verify that specific Home Repairs have been done satisfactorily. The significant advantages of using A-Pro to verify home repairs are when the client does not have the technical background or time simply does not allow them to address. We work for remote landlords as well as adult children of elderly parents who live independently to ensure our clients get everything that was agreed upon before making a final payment to a contractor.

Roof Damage Inspection

Roof Inspection in BeaumontHave you ever wondered if the insurance company’s inspector sends out (or doesn’t) to inspect a roof after a storm involving high winds or hail is working for you or the insurance company? A-Pro Beaumont Home Inspectors are certified to inspect roof damage for you. For a fair and balanced assessment of the damage to your roof, call A-Pro and make sure you have a professional on your side.

Lead Paint Inspection

certified lead based paint inspection in beaumontThe use of Lead Paint in homes was eliminated in 1978. If your home was built before 1978, getting an inspection specifically to detect lead paint could be advisable. Still, it is critical before you do any home improvement projects requiring even mild demolition. Many of our A-Pro locations are certified in lead paint inspection.

The health implications associated with lead paint are profound. The toxins from lead paint are most dangerous when the paint is disturbed and the dust particles infused with lead come in contact with people. Children and women who are pregnant or may become pregnant are the most susceptible to the adverse effects associated with high lead exposure.

Carbon Monoxide Testing and Inspection

carbon monoxide testing in BeaumontCarbon Monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, toxic gas, and all fuel (gas, oil, kerosene, wood, or coal) burning appliances have the potential to produce CO to some degree due to incomplete combustion. Appliances (including fireplaces) that are not installed, maintained and used properly run the risk of causing CO accumulation to dangerous levels. Extreme CO exposure can cause death; proper detection is vital since the gas is colorless and odorless.

Your A-Pro Inspector can test for carbon monoxide in the home and the appliances and fixtures that may be causing a dangerous level. Your A-Pro Inspector will also advise you on the proper detectors, the recommended locations, and the maintenance needed for offending appliances.

Foundation Inspection

All Home Inspections include a visual foundation inspection as a minimum requirement. At A-Pro, we understand that a home’s foundation condition ranks very high with our clients relative to concerns about a property, and we go over and beyond to inspect the foundation.

The A-Pro Inspection includes a foundation-level survey ($150.00) for every standard home inspection. Call us if you need a foundation inspected.

Pool and Spa Inspection

Pool Inspection in Beaumont - Spa Inspection in BeaumontSwimming pools and spas are often excluded from a standard home inspection because they require special training and a separate report. This is not to say that Pool and Spa Inspections are not necessary. They are. A pool and/or spa are often vital to that dream home. When mechanical, chemical, and especially safety issues surface with a pool or spa, the dream can become a nightmare compounded with liability. Protect yourself and ask your A-Pro Beaumont Home Inspector for a Pool and Spa Inspection. Our in-depth inspection will not only uncover critical issues but also help you plan the maintenance of your pool and/or spa.

Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection in BeaumontMost, if not all of us, have heard the horror stories associated with mold in a home, and an elevated mold condition is indeed a health danger. Certain mold spores can lead to respiratory disease, allergic reactions, and other health issues. All mold and the conditions for mold growth (Moisture) can compromise the home’s structure. For Mold to grow, it needs three things: (1) a Food Source, (2) Moisture, (3) Warmth

An A-Pro Mold Inspection can help prevent serious problems and significant expenses.

Radon Inspection

Radon Testing in Beaumont TexasIt may surprise you that Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer and that nearly all homes have some level of Radon in them. Radon is an odorless and colorless gas that emits radioactive uranium that breaks down in the soil, water, or rocks. Radon enters a home in many ways, such as through cracks in slabs, wall joints, and water supply. An elevated amount of Radon in a home is a health hazard. The standard Home Inspection does not include Radon testing.

The EPA has recommended that every home be tested for Radon and that if the test comes back at an exceeded level fix the home. The good news is that repairing a home to normal Radon levels is not usually expensive.

If you need A-Pro’s help testing for Radon and/or reading the results please call us.

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Thermal Image Inspection in Beaumont TxThermal Imaging Inspections are not included in a standard home inspection. Many people like to think about a home inspection as compared to a doctor’s visit. A standard home inspection compares to a physical inspection performed by a doctor when he does a thorough visual check on you. A Thermal Imaging Inspection compares to going in for an MRI.

A thermal imaging inspection is performed with an infrared camera. The Inspection can provide home buyers, sellers, or homeowners with a wealth of information such as:

  • Structural defects caused by wood-destroying insects
  • Energy and heat loss
  • Moisture penetration and or leaks
  • problems with electrical wiring overheating
  • And much more

Call A-Pro Beaumont Home Inspection for a Thermal Imaging Inspection when you need to know more.

Structural Inspection

Beaumont Tx Home InspectorsA standard home inspection includes many elements of a structural inspection but is not as in-depth as a stand-alone Structural Inspection. During a structural inspection, the A-Pro Inspector will be looking for and reporting only on the foundation and supporting elements of a home, investigating a variety of distress indications that may result in repair or further evaluation recommendations.

If you notice a problem such as a sagging roof, bowing walls, or cracking foundation, or your home has been subject to severe storm damage, flooding, or fire, call your A-Pro Beaumont Home Inspector for a Structural Inspection.

Commercial Building Inspections

Commercial Building Inspector in Beaumont TxCommercial property is defined as the building structures and improvements located on a parcel of commercial real estate. These may include buildings with residential units operated for profit, mixed-use buildings, strip malls, motels, factories, storage facilities, restaurants, and office buildings.

A commercial inspection requires the inspector to observe, conduct research, and report findings. A-Pro Beaumont Home Inspection will conduct Commercial Inspections for you.

The A-Pro Inspector will collect information through visual observation during a walk-through survey and conduct research about the property, including key components and reports relative to the property. A-Pro will then generate a meaningful report about the property’s condition based on the observations and research conducted.

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